Monday, December 12, 2016


Christmas has arrived at the Grinstead house!  On Friday I picked up all the girls, dropped Fiori at dance, put together Claire's Christmas tree, picked up Fiori and dropped Gigi at dance, put the ornaments on, picked up Gigi, fed them a 20 piece McNugget meal, then collapsed onto the couch at 7:56.  (It sounds more hectic than it was.)

Bright and early the next morning, we left the girls in bed and brought Claire to get our real Christmas tree.  Real in that it's our main one, and that it was actually cut from the earth.

Fiori ended up going to Mesquite with Nana so we sidelined the decorating part and the other 2 girls and I laid in bed all day watching movies and napping.  Then DP made us go to the mall with him that evening to buy his special family ornament, because he said we were far too lazy and unproductive, so I said we would if he bought us lemonade.  And burgers.  It was the first time that day the girls put on pants.  On Sunday Fiori came back over, so DP strung the lights and the girls trimmed the tree.

It looks beautiful!  I convinced them to do the Mannequin Challenge since Claire has become obsessed with the videos on YouTube (Taylor Swift's mainly) and it only took about 3 takes to get a good one.  It's not perfect but I got tired of filming it and DP was trying to watch football.  Turned out cute though.

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