Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Taylor's Birthday Party

Claire's bff from her old school had a party on Saturday, so after swimming at the hotel, we went to pick up a gift and headed to Bounce U.  DP had taken her to the last party she went to there, so I didn't know what I was in for.  It was a well-oiled machine though, let me tell you.  All the party kids are ushered into a room with a giant bounce house, climbing wall, and obstacle course, all blown up.  After about 45 minutes, the kids are ushered into the next room of 3 giant slides.  From there, the third room is long tables where they ate pizza and cake, and sang happy birthday.  It was pretty amazing, and I can see why parents opt for places like this and Chuck E. Cheese where all the work is done for you and the kids have 2 hours of scheduled hardcore fun.

Claire remembered Taylor and I'm sure recognized others.  I didn't recognize the kids or parents but I'm also bad with faces and somewhat anti-social.  At 3 separate times though random parents came up to me to compliment Claire's athleticism.  I KNOW SHE'S AN ATHLETIC PHENOM OKAY, SHE GETS IT FROM ME.  But I loved hearing that, there's nothing that makes me more proud of her.  A couple of them asked if she's in gymnastics (no, it's all natural ability) and one parent seemed rather ticked because she was saying how she wanted her daughter to be a tomboy but her daughter loves dresses.  My daughter loves dresses too, she's just also a gifted athlete as well.  (I did feel bad for the kids she took out on her way down the rock climbing wall.)

Monday, August 29, 2016

RIO (Part One)

One of DP's clients comped us a room at the Rio for the weekend.  We had tried to get a babysitter for Friday night and then had planned to bring the kids for swimming, etc. on the second night, but that didn't pan out.  And being as we have two sets of grandparents in close proximity who love having Claire sleep over, it's rare to be in that position and so we were kind of panicky until we realized that we could just switch the plan.  (Obviously we take our families for granted.)  But it worked out and Claire REALLY loves hotels.

It was a really nice suite.  Claire played on her iPad while DP and I watched football, and we ordered food from Guy Fieri's restaurant famous for their trash can nachos.  I gorged on that and then fell asleep in a bed all to myself with four fluffy pillows and covers that didn't move.  Claire and DP AKA the Super Cuddlers slept together on the other bed.  I realized I need two beds in my room at home.  Or a kid who sleeps alone but let's be real.

When we woke up I went to grab a coffee and wouldn't you know there were no coffee shops aside from the two Starbucks?  I guess I could have made coffee in the room or gotten one from the bar, but ugh.  So I paid $4 for drip coffee.  I drank it sitting on a beach chair with DP while Claire played in the "sand" and I tried not to think of drunk people who were on that same "sand" the night before.

Once the sun came out from behind the clouds and it warmed up a bit, I took Claire into the pool.  She swam hardcore for a couple of hours, jumping off the side and other obnoxious kid-in-pool behavior. We're almost at the point where she can go in by herself and I don't have to be all the way in. That day is going to be the best day ever.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Last Wet N Wild Day of the Summer

So we made it count.  Seriously.  We were there for like 6 hours.

Claire is 39" which means she only gets to ride the baby slides.  And Claire is by far the most fearless of all the kids, so it's kind of sad for her even though she likes the lazy river just fine.  When you enter the park, they have a measurement station where they figure out your height and give you a coloured wristband indicating which slides you are able to go on.  I don't know if it was because the park wasn't busy, or Claire was wearing wedge-heeled chanclas, or that DP could sell ice to an Eskimo, but the freckle-faced kid manning the measurement station that day gave Claire a purple wristband, which indicated she was 40" and could ride THREE extra slides. 

I'll miss you Wet n Wild!  Until next year...

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

It's a Mermaid Party!

Claire really wanted a mermaid theme.  It turned out pretty cute and kind of went with the fact we had it at a splash pad.  This year she asked to invite her friends from school, and talked about it for like 6 months leading up to her birthday.  Although I missed having more family come down for her party, having just kids was really cute and laid back, which just made everything easier on me.  I literally just picked up fried chicken and a veggie platter from Smith's, ordered the cake from Dairy Queen, and provided a cooler of Gatorade and water.  Claire was thrilled that her friends came!



Monday, August 22, 2016


It's tradition for my cousin and her kids to come from Vancouver to Claire's bday party.  It's one of the reasons I scheduled it so late in the month, and I'm glad I did because it turned out perfectly.  I took Gigi with me to the airport since her and Amirah are legit twins born in different countries, and our first stop was Steak & Shake. 

Okay not really, our first stop was the liquor store but the second stop was for food.

Saturday morning (the day of the party) we let everyone sleep in so we could run some errands.  It was the first time I went to the Mexican store with DP to get Claire's piñata, and I'm glad I did so I could be witness to this hilarity.  And just look at how much Claire loved her!  I don't know why we got her knowing that piñatas are for busting with a bat.

My last errand was for drinks and ice and I brought the girls with me because I had promised them Frappuccino's for something.  I think they just tell me that and hope I forget that I didn't.  And I use it as a bribe regularly so there's really no knowing.  Claire opted for an outfit of a swimsuit with a snow hat.