Friday, June 17, 2016

Wet N Wild

I woke up early on Sunday morning and started on the treadmill.  These are the days I wish I would have just gone to the gym because I had DP in my ear asking about what we're doing today, Claire and Gigi fighting over Netflix, and Fiori playing on the floor right next to the treadmill.  Like, I love you guys but this is supposed to be MY time.  Can you people just give me one hour?  No, okay then. 

I came off of my run to the family all having decided on Wet N Wild.  Ah, summer vacation!  We hadn't been since they opened the new one a couple years ago.  It used to be on the strip and I grew up going to it with my cousins when we visited Las Vegas, then as an adult DP and I had season passes until it closed down in 2004.  The kids had never been to a water park ever, so I think the idea of it was more exciting for us grownups. 

We started the day off at McDonald's where Fiori had hotcakes for the first time.  Despite her face, she really liked them.  They definitely needed a hearty breakfast.

OMG it was everything I imagined it would be and more!  We found a sweet spot on a grassy area right in the middle of the park, other people had set up tents and stuff so we decided we'd bring one next time.  It's not like we can really set up there and let the kids head out because two are non-swimmers and one is a baby, so we had to go everywhere with them anyway.  Not like we minded, we took turns going on ALL the slides.  I felt kind of bad for Claire because my little dare-devil wanted to go on all the slides but she was too short.  There was a even a slide in the kid's area that you had to be 42" to ride.  Oh well, she liked the ones she could ride and she LOVED the lazy river.  She had a life vest on and would just float the whole thing.

We had to rotate who got to ride the slides because of height limits and because someone always had to stay with the little girls.  After you could tell they were getting tired, and possibly hungry even though they devoured a large pizza and fries, DP came up with the brilliant idea to drop them off at Nana's house and come back.  So we told them we were going and asked Claire if she wanted to have a bath at Nana's and play with Fiori.  I felt a bit bad about it, mostly because they are going to grow up and read this, but not bad enough to not do it.  So we dropped them off, my mother in law gave them a bath, and we brought Gigi back to the park with us for more 48" and over fun. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

No Shower Saturday

It's shameful.  We had THE most busy Saturday ever, yet it was surprisingly enjoyable and even, dare I say, quite calm.  I started out Saturday morning by dropping the kids off with their respective grandmothers and going to the gym, Claire was out gallivanting with her dad to various Enterprise branches moving cars around.  So yeah, I worked out and didn't shower all day.  But in my defense I did light weights and no running, so most of my sweat was from being out in 90 degrees and NOT because of my workout.  Anyway, I didn't get cleaned up because I raced straight from the gym to pick back up all the kids, including my own, buy a birthday present for my nephew, get home and help the kids into their swimsuits, then race over to a party within half an hour.  I'm pretty good at time management but even I was having trouble.  I'm glad the kids got to have fun at the party with their cousins because that's all that was important anyway.


We had to the leave the party after about an hour because the girls signed up for an American Girls program they offer monthly at the library.  We should have left after 30 minutes so we could get showers but I was maximizing our party time and we went straight from there to the library.  The girls went to their program and Claire and I checked out some books and DVDs for her, then had lunch in the coffee shop.

From the library, we raced over to my mom's house because we made plans to go with her to a Caribbean meet-and-greet for Las Vegans.  I had a change in the car but still, no time to shower.  Thank goodness it was outdoor.  It was at a coffee shop and they had face painting, and we got to lime with other Trinis.  The kids had no idea what that meant but got flags of their "heritage" painted on their cheeks.  When Claire spilt a whole bottle of bubble solution on me after about 2 hours, I had to wrap things up.


By the time we got home that evening, all I wanted was a hot shower, and I don't remember what happened after that.  I think I made spaghettiOs and scrambled eggs for dinner, while the kids watched Annie.  It was a good day.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Gigi's Graduation

The first born is all grown up!  Gigi is smart, funny, and talented.  I'm so proud of the person she is becoming, and I couldn't pick a better role model for Claire.  The two just adore each other.  DP adores her too but she gets sick of his phone calls, so she says, then next thing you know they're making plans for the family. 

I love being an aunty to this chick.  She just makes it so easy!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Her First Pedicure

A couple weeks ago we passed the nail place and Claire asked if one day she could get her nails done there.  I don't even know how she knew it was a nail place, or that those places even existed, I have never taken her with me to get a pedicure or even talked about them, I get mine done on my lunch break.  I dismissed it with an, "Okay sure buddy."  But then when it was time for me to get mine done this month, I decided to take her too.  So on Thursday I picked her up from school and told her she needed to come with me to get my pedicure.  I had already gone home to change into shorts and pick up her chanclas, so I was ready for her to ask for one too.  And when she did, I made a big show about asking if she had been a good girl today and that it was a big-girl thing to get your toes done, but oh, okay I guess.  And you'd have thought I told her it was Christmas.  She was like, "Oh really mom?!" with a beaming smile, as if she couldn't believe I said yes.  It was really sweet how excited she was.  And I couldn't believe I was going to pay for this.

When we walked in Claire was amazed.  Okay it was a pretty upscale one so even I was a bit amazed.  There was a complimentary bar set up and there a couple of receptionists dressed like hostesses.  Claire was given a choice of ice cream flavours and sat in her own little kid's pedicure chair, across from me.  The tech did an amazing job, like even I wasn't taking it that seriously, and Claire chatted at her and waved at me and ate her ice cream like she'd been doing this her whole life.

No for real, look at her face.  When we got home she told her dad about her pedicure, and that she liked the massage and the hot lotion.  And her toes looked pretty cute.  I don't know, would making this a monthly mother/daughter date be excessive?

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Big Girl Room

OMG you guys I am SO happy how Claire's room turned out.  And also really glad I had the kids around all week to help me.  Claire helped me initially with taking everything out of her (former) playroom and stacking the stuff neatly in a corner of my room.  I was surprised at how organized she did it too, utilizing all the space.  It was basically how I would have done it had I been the one.  It may seem like a small thing to be so excited about but given how I pride myself on organization, it was very impressive.  The two older kids were instrumental in getting the room painted, and Fiori built the entire bookshelf with me.  I can't say enough about how much I love these kids, really.  So I was glad to give Claire a more grown-up room that all the kids could appreciate too.

I ended up moving the table from the corner and putting the dollhouse/castle there, and the table and chairs are now on the other wall with the bunk bed.  Claire is so happy and spends time in there every day.  I also bought some glow-in-the-dark stars on my mom's suggestion to go above the top bunk.  After settling on this layout, I realized it was how my room was arranged when I was a kid.  My bookshelf had a 2 rows of Babysitter's Club and Fear Street series novels, but that will come in time. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

MDW and Beyond

I took a week off work to spend some time at home starting with the long weekend.  It was a good thing too because I was running a bit of a fever and it was nice to not feel like I was wasting time sleeping.  Plus I got to spend some real quality time with this cutie.

I bought Claire a couple of new swimsuits and took all the kids swimming at Desert Breeze.   We were only in the pool for about 30 minutes when the lifeguards started whistling for everyone to evacuate.  Apparently a kid had puked in there.  Anyway so I have Claire and we're standing on the side looking for Gigi and Fiori, but then I realized they were still in the pool, playing.  Completely oblivious.  It was so funny, especially because Claire starts yelling, "Hey guys, get out of the pool, someone puked in there!"  Then as we're getting our stuff together to leave, she kept asking (and loudly, because Claire) "Who puked in the pool?!  Ewwwwww!  WHO DID THAT?!"   Then she told everyone we came across that day that someone puked in the pool.

That was Memorial Day, so since our pool time was cut short we went to my in-laws for a BBQ.  I remembered Claire had a sweet dress from last winter so I put it on her, but she wouldn't smile for a picture until I promised her a doughnut.  Seriously, she's going to turn into a doughnut with how many she eats.  Also notice her pet snake that she carried around everywhere that weekend.  So not weird at all.

Claire and I went to Ace Hardware to pick out paint for her room.  She kept saying she wanted brown or grey.  I finally talked her into purple since it's her favourite colour and all, and bought a gallon.  Then we picked up Gigi and Ramses and they helped me paint her room.  Gigi and Ramses was surprisingly good at it, Claire was not surprisingly a huge disaster.  But they only lasted about one wall, then they sat in the middle of the room and ate popsicles while I finished the rest.  I think it turned out pretty cute.

One day I went to Smith's and spent close to $200 on groceries, including a buy 2 get 1 free special on 12 packs of Bud Light.  DP was taking a couple of days off and I knew we'd have some or all of the kids with us since school ended on Wednesday, so I wanted to be stocked on real food.  It was a great week at home, cool and relaxing.  Well we had heat warnings so to be honest, it was hot as hell and relaxing.  But we spent a lot of time indoors.  The new summer flavours came out at Starbucks so I took the girls for mini-frappucinos, we went shopping, to a baby shower, spent time with Brooklyn, rented movies from the Redbox and Deadpool on demand, and went to the splash pad.  DP went to Southern California for a couple days at the end of our staycation and my dad went to SF, so my mom and I ate a ton of sushi.  It was the perfect kick-off to summer.  And it was nice that DP could enjoy it with us too.  For the record, I could not finish all that beer, even in a week, and by the end of my vacation I was giving cans away.