Friday, October 30, 2015

Spidey Thru the Years

It's a holiday here, Nevada Day, so that's why Halloween seems to start so early in Las Vegas. Clark County school kids get a five-day weekend so their parties are typically early in the week, and it's not unusual to see costumed kids out and about weekends before, at pumpkin patches, neighbourhood festivals, and other trick-or-treat events.  Just this week in fact, my dad took Claire to the Magical Village with spooky rides and attractions, and DP took her to his company trunk-or-treat.  Literally every day has been something.  Today I'm planning to take Claire to the pumpkin patch and she has a Halloween party tonight, all before actual trick-or-treating with her cousins tomorrow.

So being that I'm not posting in real time, I thought I'd compile some pictures from Claire's previous Halloweens as Spiderman.  My girl is just getting so big.

2012 - I'm annoyed I only have this one picture from Claire's first Halloween and it has a stupid filter because I used it for Instagram.  Oh well, it's darn adorable.

2013 - This was probably my favourite costume of hers so far.  And she was so small and chubby!  I bought her knit cap at Fisherman's Wharf, good thing too because I remember that being a really cold year, so she got to wear it and a had to wear a coat too.

2014 - Every year just got better.  This was the first year we could actually do fun stuff, where she started to kind of get it.  Bought her costume a bit big to maximize use!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Preschool Halloween Party

After our shower this morning, when I brought out Claire's Spiderman costume from last year, her eyes got big as saucers and she said, "Is that for me?!" with a huge grin.  She was so thrilled I was giving it to her to wear and threw her arms around my neck.


I seriously love this kid.  And I'm glad she indulges me with this, fourth year strong.  You know they can only dress as storybook or biblical characters at her school, so I figure comics are books, and we'll ride this out as long as I can.  When I dropped her off this morning, every single one of the girls was Queen Elsa (which I almost put her in since she has the dress) and all the boys were either Hulk, Captain America, or Spiderman.  Seriously, out of about a dozen kids, every single one of them was Elsa or an Avenger.

Claire is getting to an age where she pick her costume, but naturally she's changed her mind a bunch of times.  First she wanted to be Superman, then Superman with blood, then a princess, then Chucky (which is what we're going with) and then Scream.  I didn't tell her that Scream isn't the dudes name because her calling him Scream is pretty cute.  Cuter than his actual name, Ghostface.  I think I'm going to get a Scream costume for her dad or I to wear for trick-or-treating, she'd get a kick out of that.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

We Are Ready

For Halloween, in case you couldn't tell.  My kid is SO excited.  And I feel a bit bad for her because we skipped the Fall Festival, haven't gone to a pumpkin patch yet, or a scary Halloween costume store, or anything like that.  We just kind of lounge around.

I found this really cute gauze skirt at a garage sale for fifty cents so I bought it, but Claire wore it for about 2 hours before getting annoyed.  Which is weird, because she loves skirts, but the material is bunch-y so I understand.

I had to look closer, do you also see the bite marks in that pumpkin?

Claire's shirt says WHO RUN THE WORLD.  The answer is GIRLS, but when she's wearing this shirt and anyone reads it aloud or worse, asks her the question, she replies, "Jesus."  Or sometimes, "God."  It takes everyone back and I just giggle.  I would correct her but it's too darn cute that she put that together on her own.

I stopped one morning at the "hashbrown store" aka McDonald's for breakfast, but Claire wanted this doughnut instead.  (Our McDonald's is inside a gas station.)   I had to take a picture because Claire eats her doughnuts around the hole.  Like a psychopath.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"This is the Best Halloween Party Ever"

According to Ramses and Rashad.  I was home sick for part of the week, so I got to actually set up for the party rather than scrambling to do it after getting home from work.  Who has a party on a Friday night at 6pm anyway?  I must really love these kids.

I wish I had gotten pics of the snack table.  We had blue corn tortilla chips, cheese puffs, cupcakes, cookies, and creamsicles.  Orange and purple foods!  Well, and hot dogs.  For dinner we made our own mini pizzas.  The kids really enjoyed just being with each other, playing, and later watching scary movies I had queued up on Netflix.  They were impressed that I had a list of scary movies to choose from, and watched Corpse Bride, Curse of Chucky, and some other one.  About half way thru movie night I took them for a walk around the neighbourhood just to get some of the wiggles out.  Not that they needed it, because they are so well-behaved, but they really liked it.

The next morning they had cereal and I napped in the living room while they demolished the playroom.  It was really cool, and I can't wait to do it again next year.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Julian's Birthday Party

Ugh, I have been sick the entire week.  I need to post these pictures from LAST weekend so you'll just have to use your imagination for the commentary.

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Son I Never Had

The Niners finally won so Claire can wear her shirt to school.  And she got new running shoes, which she was downright giddy to put on with socks.  Socks!

But even though we won, and I haven't discounted the Niners completely done yet (we're in a weak-ish division this year) the Packers are undefeated.  So as for The Bet, it's looking like I'll be the one paying our New Orleans vacation next year.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Last Swimming Lesson

I know, I'm like a one-trick pony with the swimming lessons and bicycle talk.  Two-trick pony?  Anyway, Thursday was Claire's last swimming lesson at the community center I love.  I probably won't register her for a concurrent lesson even though she's made huge progress in this particular class, because of winter and driving home with wet hair and it getting dark at like 4:30, etc.  But here are some videos, just look at my baby float!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wednesday Night Lights

Every evening after dinner, I take Claire for a bicycle ride.  We go a couple of blocks, marvel at Halloween lights, say hi to doggies, and wave at cars.  Sometimes we stop at the park.  Sometimes we go really fast downhill.  It's fun and wears her out.  Last night I took her up to the high school where they were having football practice.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall Favourites

Claire is more pumped about Christmas than Halloween.  It kind of breaks my heart because even though Christmas is my favourite holiday, Halloween is a close second and comes first on the calendar.  And I love playing it up for the kids.  But I think they downplay Halloween at Claire's daycare so that could be why she seems so disinterested.  They are encouraged to dress up as storybook or Bible characters.  Wtf is that shit?  I didn't side-eye anything too much at her daycare though, until this week.  It's "Explorer Week" at Claire's school, and they made Christopher Columbus hats and have a pyjama day.  I don't think the brainwashing worked all that much because when I picked up Claire on the day they made the hats, she told me it was a vampire hat.  Her teacher recoiled in horror like she said a bad word, but damn it if I wasn't proud of my girl. 

And it's not that she's totally ignoring Halloween.  She loves the lights and yard decorations, loves the gore and scary stuff, loves the idea of trick-or-treating, she just isn't ass jazzed as I want her to be.  Which I suppose just might be my own issue. 

In other news I went to the AMPM by DP's work this morning and they were out of the coffee creamer that comes out of the machine, so I had to open 5-6 of those little one serving packets for my large coffee, then the coffee I was filling ran out half way up the cup and I had to top off with pumpkin spice coffee.  Like, I'm as #basic as one can get without being actual Taylor Swift, but don't mess with my Kona man. 

I realize this post started out intending to be about my favourite things about fall, but turned into a huge rant.  I don't care, I'm leaving the title.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

This Weekend Was Hazy

All 3 of us have had some version of a sore throat for the past two weeks.  It's like the cough that never just goes on and on my friends.  Not bad enough to lay anyone out, but it's annoying.  So other than drinking cough syrup by the bottle, we have just been chilling at the house.  Last Saturday I cleaned the entire downstairs and rearranged our living room furniture for optimal football watching.  And on Sunday, I made guacamole for the games and we lounged around with the windows and doors open.  Claire rode her bicycle a bunch.  She's really good and I'm so impressed with her, as with everything.  Sometimes I wonder how it is that she's so great at stuff, and such a quick learner, and so athletically gifted.  But then I remember who her mother is. 

The girls also came over Sunday, and played and played and played.  It was nice having them around while we could hang out and not worry about what the kids were up to.  Fiori lost a tooth at one point while she was eating a cookie.  It was cute because this is the second tooth she lost eating a cookie, so at first she was like, "UGGGHHH, I am NEVER eating a cookie again..."  But she came to her senses pretty quickly.

Monday, October 12, 2015

I Cannot Believe

I'm still writing this blog. 

Anyway, you know those things you swear you'll never do when you become a parent?  The things that childless you would judge other parents doing?  Like potty rewards and sticker charts?  I thought my kid would just do what I said or else

Well after increasingly frustrating mornings for us last week - I'm talking crying all thru showers with her dad (forget about shampoo) and kicking her clothes off as I'm trying to dress her - I made a damn sticker chart.  And what do you know?  Instant Angel.

And yes, it was so bad I had to actually draw and we started at the end of the week, but whatever.  Claire was so excited to get her Frozen stickers (thank GOD I keep an arsenal for the kids' crafts) that I know this can carry us for a while.  DP says we'll probably have to offer an extra incentive at some point, like maybe if her whole week is filled with stickers, she can pick out a treat.  I don't know, we're kind of flying by the seat of our pants for this one.  But all 3 of us left the house happy this morning so this far it's a win.