Monday, August 31, 2015

Splash Pad X 2

I was exhausted Friday night, the work-week really takes it out of me.  So I was grateful when Claire came downstairs in her swimsuit shortly after we got home, and told me her dad was taking her to the splash pad.  I was fist-deep in spicy Doritos and sour cream dip when DP posted this picture of the girls.  Looks like fun!  Glad I stayed home.

And then first thing Saturday morning, those two were at it again.  Claire in her swim suit, waiting for her dad to take her to the splash pad.  This time, I tagged along.

Friday, August 28, 2015

This Week in Baking With Dad

When these two decided they wanted birthday cake at 8pm last night, my first thought was but we don't have frosting.  They have gotten to me.  The enemy has won.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Parks & Rec

Claire's summer swim lessons are over, and while I liked the idea of her learning in an outdoor pool, it was hot and gross for me having to sit and watch.  I was happy that fall lessons would be indoor and I had a few pools to choose from depending on location.

So I checked my county website and saw registration was going to open on Saturday for fall lessons.  At 7am.  I thought it was weird to set a time, and was aggravated that it was a weekend because I like to do "business" at work.  But I reluctantly set my alarm for Saturday morning at 6:55 anyway, because otherwise I would forget to sign her up at all.  So I woke up, logged on from my phone, got my credit card handy, and waited for 7am.  At 6:59 the little grey buttons turned green and I added the 6pm timeslot to my cart.  I purchased Claire's session, then went back to sign up my niece, and would you believe all the sessions for the fall were greyed out again?  Because they were full.  At 7:02. 

Riveting stuff, I know, but I was shocked.  Parenting has a lot of "wtf" moments.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Claire moved up into legit preschool this week so, just like every other kid in Las Vegas, Monday was the First Day of School.  I woke her up at 6am after a 14-hour sleep thanks to swimming on Sunday, so relieved that she got a good night's rest.  She was pumped for school and kept calling me her Little Pelican which is the name of her new class.  She didn't fight me on a single thing getting ready, gladly shampooed her hair even, and picked out her own outfit which surprisingly, wasn't a dress.  She then ate 2 hashbrown patties and the special First Day of School Smoothie that I made for her.

Last week her school sent home a supply list, which is weird because I pay tuition, but whatever, it took 10 minutes to order everything on Amazon and have it delivered to my doorstep by noon the following day.  So Claire was excited to take her markers and crap to school with her, along with her big-girl honey sandwich, grapes, and cheese.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Boys Day

I try to do this every few months because the girls go everywhere with me, and that's not fair.  So on Sunday I took my nephews to Desert Breeze pool for swimming.  I tried to leave Claire at home because she's not a boy, but she cried and acted like I was torturing her, so her dad ended up bringing her.  It was actually nicer because she evened out the group of 3, plus she plays like them (sharks, not mermaids) so it's good for her too.

She went down an enclosed slide by herself for the first time, something she hadn't been brave enough to do her whole life.  I was so proud of her. 

The boys had a blast playing with Claire on the kid structure, and then venturing off on their own.  In fact they were so sad to leave that I ended up taking them to McDonald's to eat just so they could have some more time together and play at the playplace.  Which is disgusting.  (Next time we bring a picnic lunch to the pool.)

Monday, August 24, 2015

Teacher In-service

Claire had teacher in-service on Friday, and since my dad is out of the country, I took the day off work to be with Claire.  My plan was to take the kids to get their school supplies and whatever else they needed for back-to-school on Monday.

So naturally, we started off the day proper.

Nothing like loading them on up on sugar and caffeine before braving last-minute school supply shopping.  What was I thinking?
But before that, our next stop was to get Gigi a haircut.  She wanted this long-on-one-side hairdo and I was more than happy to oblige. 

It turned out really cute and she was really happy with it.  So we went to Walmart and got two carts, one for supplies and one for my groceries.  The kids had fun with that, and I remember how much I loved school supply shopping myself.  Meticulously picking out the perfect notebooks and pencil case.  Claire was unimpressed.

After lunch at McDonald's, I picked up Fiori and took the girls to the splash pad to unwind.  They are so GIRLY it's hilarious.  They played mermaids and then went back to my place and played dolls.  One of which pees and other stuff, I don't like that doll.

They had a good day, everyone's ready for school, so Friday was a success.  And you know, I could really get used to this 3-day weekend thing - having a day for errands, a day for cleaning, and a day for relaxing.  How can I make this permanent?

Friday, August 21, 2015

You Have a Baby...In a Bar

Twice a year a couple of my cousins come (separately) for a fashion convention.  I usually make sure I am available to either pick them up from the airport, or drop them back off, otherwise they are busy working and I don't get to see them.  Which I'm sure would be fine, except that's not really how I roll.  So on Kelsey's first night in Vegas, I took her downtown for a drink before dropping her to her hotel.

And then about a week went by and I got to pick up Kamillah and take her to the airport.  She was out with another cousin of mine so Claire and I met them at Town Square, way more convenient than having to drive down the strip to pick her up, and it meant we could squeeze in a drink and Claire could visit with her Godmother. 

DP was nearby at a work Happy Hour which normally I would be jealous of, but this time he was jealous of me and left his thing early to meet up with us.

I've joked about taking the baby to a bar before.  Like our Wing Wednesdays at Hooters, or every other time I feel like eating wings which is pretty often.  But this was a tad out of the ordinary, even for me.  I'm just glad she behaved well enough, didn't spill her lemonade (which is pretty much a guarantee when we're out to dinner) and didn't bother other patrons.  So I guess she's Happy Hour seasoned.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tears for Fears

When I was in Cancun this past May, it was hard to connect with Claire because of the difference in timezone plus just being out all the time.  So a couple days into the trip, we were able to Facetime her, and as soon as I saw her little face on the screen, I burst into tears.  It was special, and I can't describe how I felt other than ALL THE EMOTIONS.

Well my parents are in Australia right now, about a week into their trip, and they Facetimed us for the first time last night.  When Claire answered on her iPad and my dad saw her, he immediately burst into tears.  I know dad.  I KNOW. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I just started Supernatural on Netflix.  I was looking for a show that had a lot of seasons because I need something that would last me a long time.  So sometimes when I lay down with the baby at night, I'll watch some of my show and she plays games on her iPad. 

Anytime there's scary music, or I jump, or she hears fire or gunshots or growling, she sticks her head in front of my phone.  DP calls her our little psychopath because she's into blood and gore.  Always has been.  And she didn't get this from us because DP and I both hate horror and being scared.  I can do more Sci Fi than he can but even Supernatural can be too scary for me sometimes.

Obviously I couldn't let her watch my show with me so I told her I would find her her own scary show, on HER Netflix account.  (Remember too, this is the kid who can't sit thru a 30 minute cartoon, but will watch a whole movie if there's a talking dog.  ie. Beverly Hills Chihuahua.  And she couldn't get into the Boxtrolls or Monster High either.  Do you see what I'm dealing with?)

So we started Goosebumps.  You know the show based on the R.L. Stine books? 

So now when I watch my show, she has hers too.  My little psychopath.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


My cousin Kelsey came over for a visit and Claire just took to her.  It was cool, but very uncharacteristic of my kid.  She ran up to Kelsey for a hug, then insisted on eating her dinner right next to her.  Then of course tried to wrestle, because she's still Claire.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Straight Outta Vegas

DP and I went on a day date last Sunday to see a movie, then I took Claire out for a mom/daughter date to the community center pool.  The indoor pool was closed but the outdoor one was open, and we'd never swam there before.  It was really cool for a center.

It was a hundred and ten degrees (which is why we've never gone there before) but I liked it because the area around the playground was shallow enough for Claire to walk by herself, and I could sit off to the side while she played and "swam" around.  She made a little friend and they took turns yelling at me to WATCH THIS before holding their breath and dunking their heads under water.  It was pretty cute because the other little girl was 5 and she kept calling Claire "your baby" to me. 

After about an hour we showered up then went for pho.  When I was a little girl my dad would take me swimming at the community center and then out for wonton soup and bbq pork at a little Chinese hole-in-the-wall restaurant.  I had forgotten about that until yesterday.  It's so cool I can do that kind of stuff with Claire now.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Finding Nemo

Yesterday at Claire's swimming lesson, when the teacher was doing an activity with one of the other kids, Claire swam off the table and was kicking her little legs in the deep end of the pool.  It lasted maybe a few seconds, and my heart stopped beating altogether in that short time, but I was proud of her too.  Even after class when she "got in trouble" for not staying on the table, I was beaming.  She's an athletic phenom I tell you!

Claire informed me out of the blue this morning that she doesn't like pineapple. 
Me neither buddy.  Me. Neither.

She has started calling me Mom.  Like, "Hey Mom, I have to tell you something."  I keep looking around for my own mother because wtf, I'm too young for this.  It upset me when Claire switched from Mummy to Mommy (sounds like Maw-mmy because she's a hillbilly) but now this Mawm business is just depressing.

Claire and I went to Hot Dog on a Stick before DP's softball game on Monday, and when I was in line squinting at the menu behind the counter (why do they put them so high up and so far back?!) Claire announced to the whole restaurant, "Excuse me, I farted!" 
Without missing a beat I'm like, "You're excused," because how else do you respond to that?  I'm just glad she remembered her manners.

Bootd from Wednesday when she insisted on socks and that vest.  I guess she thought it was winter?  She looks like her daycare teacher, Ms. Glenda.


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Spa Treatment

I conditioned and combed out Gigi's hair at the sink last Sunday.  She loved it.

But then you-know-who decided she also wanted the same spa treatment. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Voodoo Lounge

DP asked me, at 10pm on Saturday night, if I wanted to go to go out to the Rio with him.  He made it seem like we were meeting up with some of his coworkers, but then we get there and he's like, boom!  Just a date.  (So tricky.) 

Plus I had already had 3 glasses of wine, so I was game for whatever.  We needed it for our marriage because we had just spent about a week with my family and he was under some of his own personal stress and needed to decompress. 

The Voodoo Lounge is on the 52nd floor of the Rio, in the greatest city in the world.