Tuesday, June 30, 2015

If You Can't Take the Heat, Stay Out of the Kitchen

We came home after a full day of beach fun and Ramses wanted to go to his mom's but the girls wanted to sleep over.  I thought good, because I wanted them to reorganize the playroom.  So I made them Kraft Dinner and we all crashed pretty hard.

On Sunday morning they had eggs and waffles for breakfast, and I made them strawberry and pineapple smoothies in lieu of getting dressed to go to Starbucks.  We spent a good four hours removing everything from the playroom and putting it all back in an orderly fashion.  Then I took them to the splash pad.

When we came home, they played on their iPads and I made us a pretty sad seven layer dip.  It had like 2 and a half layers.  But DP loved it and the girls just ate chips, so whatever.  I supplemented their lunch with popsicles and fruit snacks.  Hey, I'm tired!

While I did this DP blew up a pool he had bought them to play in at our house.  They didn't know about it so were happily surprised when he called them to come to the front door and there was a nine-foot wide pool in our courtyard.  With drink holders, their favourite part.  I boiled some water in big pots like my mom used to do for me, and added it to the freezing hose water.  The sun should warm it up after a couple hours.

Gigi asked if she could help me make dinner and I happily obliged because I had finally stepped up and taken out some actual meat that wasn't out of a box or a drive-thru.  I wish I had pics of the process because she was so proud of herself afterward, and asked if I was going to write about her in my blog.  She's so cheeky!  So here's what she did: pre-heated the oven, brushed oil on a baking dish, coated a dozen chicken tenderloins in egg mixture and breadcrumbs, and put it in the oven.  With fries.

That evening I let the girls watch shows on their iPads in bed while I tried to get an early night.  But it was hot.  And DP kept yelling upstairs to turn the A/C up.  Which annoys the shit out of me because shouldn't he be asking me to turn it down?  Because the number goes down!  Anyway, after about an hour of tossing and turning, I realized that the temperature was raising in the house (86, then 87, then 88) despite me trying to turn it down.  So...we realized it was broken, probably over-heated, grabbed all the girls and went to my dad's.  Great start to the week. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Beach Day

DP had put in a parlay when we were at the Harrah's in Laughlin last weekend, and didn't realize until we got back that he'd won $200.  So OF COURSE we had to go for a drive this weekend to cash it out.  (He's so transparent, as if I didn't know he was just using this as an excuse to take the kids.)  But I was on board no matter what the reason.

It was a really hot 90 min. drive, and the kids were starving.  But I had no money on me because of the way we split cars - I drove the kids and DP rode up with Rishi and all our stuff - so we were all grumbly when we arrived.  "It's too hot." "I'm starving."  "Mummy carry."  "There's sand on me."  It's a good thing I don't swear at the kids because it took everything in me not to yell SHUT THE F UP! Seriously, there's sand on me?  Um yeah because we're AT THE BEACH.  I knew we all just needed some protein.

So we got it all worked out.  Ate McDonald's, put on our swimsuits in the casino washroom, lied to the teenage boy standing guard of the beach, and found a spot to play.  Their moods instantly improved and they took to the water immediately.   

I had to be in the water with them because Claire was fearless.  She would go right in, water up to her neck.  I love her love of the water, but it's scary, and means that I can't/won't drink.   Oh well, I had 10 years of drinking by water B.C. and I'll have many more after she learns how to swim effectively.  If I live to see that day

While Rishi took Ramses out on the jet ski, the girls hammed it up.

When DP took Gigi out on the jet ski, Ramses said to me, "Aunty, this is the best beach I've ever been to."  I had to laugh because while the sand was super fine, the lack of waves made it easy to play, and they could go in the water all the way up to their heads, these kids have been to some of the best beaches in California.  They are so silly. 

Friday, June 26, 2015


I took the kids to see Maleficent and what the hell Town Square?  People had brought lawn chairs.  To sit on, in the middle of the lawn, where everyone else was on blankets like you ARE SUPPOSED TO BE for Movies in the Park. 

We left after 5 minutes because the kids were distracted by the jump house.  Again I say, what the hell?  We ended up having a picnic by ourselves and the kids played (ie. did gymnastics) and fought over whose drink belonged to whom. 

There was another little girl there who kept trying to play with my kids, and she kept calling me Aunty.  I was dying.  Gigi was making these eyes at me and I couldn't even look at her, it was soooooo funny.  Then Claire started calling me Aunty (which I absolutely love) so apparently I am just the Town Square Aunty. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Claire calls my smoothies blenders, and when I make them she says I'm blendering

Dale P. Grinstead always made these, more regularly since he started working, and lately I've been making them too.  His are mostly fruit and he uses it to jumpstart his appetite since he's never been a breakfast person.  I put 2 cups of spinach in mine though, you can't even taste it, and Greek yogurt.  Claire hates the noise of the blender but she won't go somewhere else, she insists on sitting on the counter right next to it and covering her ears with her hands.  (She didn't want to be in the picture for fear the blender would start blendering on it's own.)  This is what I use to make mine every day.

Lately Claire is back on her dresses kick, and she asks me to do her hair "like yours mommy."  It's so precious that she wants a ponytail or bun because I have one.  She walks around in my heels too and says she's gong to work.  I remember doing that with my mom's heels and wanting to look like her, I thought my mom was so cool when I was little.  She still is, obviously, but when you're so little it's a different kind of cool.  Like my mom had all these pretty brooches and jewelry.  And she wore high heels and went to work and had friends and got her hair done by a stylist.  Man she was so much better than all the other moms!  Maybe Claire thinks I am better than Taylor's mom (but probably not Evan's mom) and just the thought of that is pretty reassuring.  Like we all have bad days sometimes but she forgives me, you know, because I'm her mom.

Speaking of the dresses, I bought her some full-coverage underwear to wear under them.  They are boyshorts, and she loves them, and shows them off every chance she gets.  "Look at my new panties, I'm like a big boy."  Plus now I don't mind her ditching her clothes first chance she gets, because they are practically like wearing shorts.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

It's Gettin Hot in Herre

I mentioned the Excessive Heat Warning from last weekend, and we're coming up on one this weekend again.  It's just too damn hot to do anything.  I haven't even been going to the gym (mine and Claire's favourite after work/school activity) because once I step foot in that heat it just drains all the energy from me.  We have been watching Netflix every day, and having take out for dinner because I can't even turn on the stove.

One day this week, Mike came over to visit Claire.  I was already laying in bed with a glass of wine (and ice!) playing around on my phone.  But I heard her squeal so I knew he arrived, and then two sets of feet ran up the stairs and into the playroom.  I listened to her giggling and talking a mile a minute, showing her uncle all her toys, and him asking questions and entertaining her child's play.  It was the cutest thing in the whole world and I can't explain the kind of joy you feel to know someone else is loving your child. 

Plus it was nice to hear her laughing and playing after a solid two days of her crying.  Non-stop crying.  And only for me, of course.  I get so frustrated with her constantly underfoot, and the whining, OH MY GOD THE WHINING.  One day I growled at her to please stop making that sound and pulled her by the arm out of the kitchen.  Probably my worst moment as a parent.  I think we both needed a break but then we fell asleep cuddling and woke up better.  It was one of those things though, just happened in slow motion.  Like as I was grabbing her by the arm I was asking myself what the hell I was thinking and saying, look at what you're doing.  But it was too late I guess.  Hopefully she's not scarred for life.  Lots of parents have yelled before right? 

Just because I don't like to end things on a sour note, here's something funny.  Claire puts an "L" in words that don't need it sometimes, and it's adorable.  Like when we go to the gym, she'll say she's going to the Klids Club.  And she asks me to put on Blad Blood for her.  She makes it so hard to stay mad at because she's so damn cute.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


DP tried to surprise me with an overnight to Laughlin but he sucks at surprises so I knew ahead of time.  I was glad to get out of town, just the two of us, nonetheless.   

There was an "excessive heat warning" thru Monday so it was going to be even hotter at the river.  Even the drive over there was hot, the road was literally melting.  Glad it was a short drive though.  Only an hour and a bit until we could see water.

Our hotel (Harrah's) was on the lake so we spent some time out there while the sun set.  It was damn hot so not exactly enjoyable, although I did take a dip in the river.

We ate dinner and gambled, and drank, and went to a nightclub (which was laughable).  There were tables for everyone and sports on tvs.  Totally low-key so it was actually pretty neat.  We wore shorts and flip-flops.  To a club! 

We slept in really late too, it was fantastic.  Of course we loved it so much that DP wants to plan a trip with all the kids soon.  I was just so glad we could get away by ourselves.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Pancake Breakfast

We went to a fundraising breakfast for my cousin's soccer team on Saturday morning, he and his teammates served us coffee and pancakes.  Claire remained unimpressed but ate all her food nonetheless.  She had a good time loving up her new cousin too, even though she wouldn't let me hold the baby.  Claire just loves Brooklyn.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Wacky Week at Daycare

Every day this week had a different theme and Claire had a blast participating.  Monday was Wacky Sock Day.  Of course I couldn't find any appropriate socks because all of hers are too small or decidedly not wacky, so we had to buy some, as well as new shoes.

Tuesday was Wacky Hat Day slash Water Day.  She wanted to wear her new school shoes but I told her that she had to wear Crocs because she'd be getting wet and plus Prince George wears Crocs.  She wasn't impressed.  When have I every had to convince to her wear those damn things?  Usually it's me bribing her NOT to wear them.

Wednesday was Mismatch Day.  I thought I was being clever and let Claire pick out her outfit since I didn't have to worry about matching.  She picked out Fiori's shirt and the same green shorts she wore on Monday.  Couldn't talk her out of this.  So instead of being mismatched, she just ended up looking kind of homeless. 

Thursday was Beach Attire Day at school.  What the hell man, Claire is always dressed like she's going to the beach!  So she's dressed normal, and with Anna braids.

Friday - Pajama Day!  Claire picked out "Punchbob" pjs but I didn't really give her any options.  They are the only pajamas that would work with this heat warning.