Friday, May 29, 2015

Brooklyn Milana

My niece was born on May 18, at 8 lbs. 3 oz. and 20 inches.  And she is the absolute spitting image of her father.  I read that it's biology, and how the cavemen were able to identify their children before monogamy became a thing.

I took Claire to meet her after they were home from the hospital.  And it was adorable.  And made me want a new little baby to hold in my arms and never put down!


Thursday, May 28, 2015


We have a great fireworks display in our neighbourhood for Memorial Day.  So we took Claire, it's a love/hate thing with her.  She's terrified of them but always wants to go. 


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

More MDW

On Sunday we went out on Big Bear Lake.


It was gorgeous!  And such a lovely experience for the kids.  Afterward, DP and stole away to the village for an hour.  He went in a little brew pub to order us a beef dip sandwich so we could sit on the patio and enjoy the good weather, and came out with a beer flight for me.  I guess he thought I deserved it after this weekend!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

MDW in Big Bear

We took my new car on our first road trip, for Memorial Day weekend up in Big Bear.  My mother in law rented a cabin so we joined them, with kids in tow of course.  They had gone up there early Friday, but DP and I had to work and the kids had school, so we left in the evening and got up there at around 10pm.

Our room was upstairs, had a king and bunk bed so all the kids slept with us.  It was off the game room too so the kids had a blast playing air hockey for the next 3 days.

The first day we woke up, and after a hearty mountain man breakfast of eggs, hash browns, and turkey sausage, we went to the Alpine Slide.  There was a ski left to the top, and kids under a certain height had to ride with an adult.  So Claire rode with Poppa and poor Fiori was too small to ride alone (dumb) so she rode with me. 

It was pretty fast and the kids loved it.  When we got to the bottom they all wanted to go again so I took Claire the next time.  I went as fast, if not faster, than I took Fiori and Claire was hilarious.  She put her hands up and was scream-giggling the whole time.

We did go-karts next and even though I didn't want to do it, all the kids were too short so all the adults had to ride anyway.  I went ahead and lapped everyone twice, screaming out, "So long sucka!" and, "It feels good to be the King," on every pass.  Ever heard of a sore-winner?  Yeah, I'm that guy.

Even though we went and ventured out of the cabin, I think they kids were just happy being together wherever they were.  And because the cabin was so nice and there was SO MUCH to do, we hung out there quite a bit.  Which resulted, naturally, in cabin fever.  Aside from the time the two girls ganged up on Ramses (or as Fiori put it, they practiced teamwork) and he went and had a good cry in the bathroom, the kids were roughly okay.  It was Claire who got the brunt of it.  She couldn't play all the games the big kids could, like air hockey and jenga.  And when she wanted to do things with them like colour or play outside, they would get frustrated and end up being mean to her.  So I did what any good parent would do, I gave her (and only her) iPad time. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

My Main Chick

Where is my sweet little baby and who is this child?  Just look at this bossy know-it-all!

She asked me to paint her nails (black, because that's how she rolls) then told me she was going to do mine.  Despite the multicolour toes and the one looking like I was stabbed, everytime I look down at my feet, I smile. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spring Recital

Claire had a recital for her dance/gymnastics class.  And it just so happened to be in my neighbourhood at the school we plan to enroll her in for elementary.  Anyway, she and I went to the auditorium early to get her in her first costume.  She had quite the audience since my mother in law came to watch and DP brought all the kids.  Didn't faze her one bit either, my little performer.  She killed it.  And I have the videos as proof!

One parent only was allowed to get their child into the first costume, a leotard, and then the staff would do additional changes.  I had my sunglasses on the entire time until this selfie because I was literally on the verge of tears and all the other moms were like, so composed.  When the curtain opened, I could barely hold it together.  My little baby was the smallest (and cutest) one out there!

After this number, they all got lined up biggest to smallest and introduced themselves.  It was adorable.  Of course my tiny baby was the most literate.  Then they all did a tumble and were led off the stage for their costume change. 

The next costume was the cutest but OF COURSE I don't have evidence because I was too busy clapping and cheering.  It was by age group so there were only 4 of the littlest group.  here's the video and some pics from her third and final number, as well as her medal.  Which she accepted with grace and humility.