Thursday, April 30, 2015


I had to trim Claire's bangs the other day, because they were down to her eyelashes.  But then I realized that really, her whole head was a hot mess.  Her top layers are pretty straight and the hair underneath is curly.  It's the strangest thing, but my sister-in-law had hair exactly like that when she was this age so maybe Claire just inherited it.

She rarely wears her hair down so I guess I didn't realize how overgrown it was.  And I decided to just cut it myself.  Her bangs are a little short but whatever, I left long layers around her face so she can learn to tuck her hair behind her ears.  And the back, it's so cute, I stacked it so her curls are more obvious.  I wish I got a better picture.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


My dad picked up all the kids from school yesterday, so when I went to get Claire, I asked the other two if they want to come bowling with us.  I was planning to take the baby so we could spend some time together before I left for Mexico.  Of course they said yes!

We ordered a pizza from the snack shop and bought one game.  Gigi and Ramses are really good at bowling.  Claire is okay, she rolls her ball and then tells me she "did it slowly mummy" as if she did it on purpose.  And she insisted on holding my hand during my turns so that messed with my outcome.

Ramses was pissed that he was in third place, and he kept asking me if I could let him get to second place.  I told him "hell no" but then remembered that I'm an adult and let him beat me.  Then he threw it in my face all the way back to the car.  Kids man. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Either All the Kids or No Kids

We are those parents who take their baby everywhere, and usually all her cousins too.  But in the past two weeks, we've had a couple of kid-free days's been nice. 

One of the days that my family was visiting from Vancouver, Claire spent the night at my parents' house with the kids.  So we went out for a fancy prime rib dinner, just the two of us, on a random weeknight.  Even before having the baby, DP wasn't interested in dining establishments that had cloth napkins and no big screen tvs, but now he appreciates it.

Then last Saturday on a whim, DP wanted to go to the movies.  I say this because I was getting out of the shower when he brought it up, telling me the movie started in 15 minutes.  I never moved so fast in my life!  We dropped Claire at my mother-in-law's house and went to the drive in for Furious Seven.  I brought beer with me, got a bucket of popcorn, and it was awesome.  Until the end when I was a smidge tipsy and there was a dream-like scene of Paul Walker on the beach with his crew and that DAMN SONG played, and I cried.  Now I get choked up when it comes on the radio too. 


The following weekend, on Sunday, my mom asked for Claire because she was going to work for 10 days in a row.  We dropped her over there in the morning and when DP went in to put in a sports bet, he came back with 2 bloody marys for me.  I spent the day drinking cocktails, catching up on shows, and packing for my upcoming Mexico vacation.  I love my active life, obviously, but that's because every now and then I get to have days like this.  Plus I know for a fact that Claire loves and needs them too.

And yes, we realize how EXTREMELY lucky we are to have parents close by, and who actually want to spend time with our baby.  Every now and then I have periods of guilt about the time I devote to my nieces and nephew (out of pure selfishness because I enjoy them and doing/buying things for them) especially when I think of how my own daughter doesn't have that with her aunties and uncles, and it makes me sad.  But she has her grandparents, and that relationship is irreplaceable.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Marvel Universe Live

I took my nephews to the Avengers show this weekend.  It was...interesting.  I was so happy to do this with the boys though because they usually get the shaft.  It's just easier to do stuff with the girls for (a) myriad of reasons.  Mainly accessibility but also, we usually have to draw the line somewhere and it's just easier to draw it by gender.  It's not fair but until I buy a bus, we just can't take everyone everywhere.

Anyway, so they were so excited to have a boys day and loved talking about stuff I have no idea about when I drove them there.  I felt like the chauffeur.  But it was cool to see them so happy.

One weird thing though, was seeing the Thomas & Mack looking like Marvel exploded in there.  I'm used to seeing it for basketball games, but decked out in all that colour made it unrecognizable.  I got lost looking for the restrooms.  At a venue I've had season tickets for 6+ years.  There were merchandise stands and food stands (apart from the ones built into the venue) selling drinks and snacks in licensed merchandise packaging.  And also for like, fifteen dollars.  There were face painting stands too.


My littlest nephew, Rashad, opted not to get his face painted and got binoculars instead.  It probably came in handy because I couldn't afford to spring the good seats. 

I'm kind of glad I didn't though because we got front row seats in the upper level anyway.  Plus after buying the 4 tickets, 3 pretzels, 2 sodas, and 1 beer, I was spent.

The show in itself relied on battles, motorcycle stunts, and funny one-liners/insults, so perfect for 8 year old boys.  My favourite part was when Thor engaged in a battle with Doc Oc and told him, "It's hammer time." 

I'm glad I didn't bring Claire because the pyrotechnics would have freaked her out and she would have sat in my lap with her face buried my neck for the entire show. 


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Friday, April 24, 2015

Photo Booth Fun

Adley & Claire
Posted by Claire Grinstead on Friday, April 24, 2015

It was totally hilarious in the way the photos transpired. 

First they sat on the seat, but were too short, so we got the ponytail shot.  Then they stood up on the seat, but didn't really know what was happening, so we got the confused shot.  Then they realized it and got really excited, hence the playful shot.  Then they both stuck out their tongues and we got the best shot in the history of that photo booth.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

San Diego Zoo

I have so many pictures to just dump here.  So here goes...

Claire really liked being in the stroller.  When we stopped for lunch, she even wanted to eat in it.  And then she carried her lunch sack around like a purse for the rest of the day.

My favourite was the elephant exhibit, they really are majestic creatures.  Actually all the animals were cool to look at.  We happened upon the jaguars as they were about to feed the mama.  Just straight up raw meat.  The girls seemed 'meh' about it all.

Just as we thought we had covered everything, the girls were starting to melt down.  Adley was tired and it impressed me that she was actually able to take a nap.  Claire hurt her knee and cried and cried and then asked me to take a picture of it.  You're welcome.

The polar bear exhibit was up there with my favourites as well because they had a little play area that the girls could hang out in for a bit without me telling them to slow down, watch where they're going, sit down nicely in the stroller, etc.  Be free!

By this point we were at the back of the park, and realized we could take a gondola ride to back to the front.  This absolutely thrilled Claire.  She was so excited to go on an actual RIDE and it was adorable.

We were actually pretty high up and I don't know how she didn't get scared.  But anyway, it was a nice end to the day.  We left for home the next morning and I think the girls had a good vacation overall.