Saturday, November 30, 2013


We drove up to Murrieta on Wednesday night, trying to time the drive around Claire's bedtime.  Of course that didn't pan out because Nosy Nellie didn't want to miss out on anything and stayed awake almost the whole time.  It took us five hours for what should have been a 3.5 hour drive because of her and her antics!  And because we spent a whole hour in Baker hanging out at the Mad Greek.

Thursday morning we went over to Dale's granma's house in the early morning because football started at 9:30.  So we essentially spent the whole day there.  I'll just go ahead and post a bunch of pictures because I took a million.  The short story is that the Packers played, there was a pig, Claire had a new outfit, yummy food, warm weather, and family. 



Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Attitude is Gratitude

Last Thanksgiving when we took Claire on her first roadtrip, and to visit the California side of the family, she was 3 months old.  She rolled over for the first time.  And I decided that I wanted to make it a tradition.  So off we go!

Some of the things I'm thankful for are:
  • An amazing support system.  It really does take a village.
  • That loving my daughter came so natural to me.  I was lucky that I had maternal instincts, and that they came in, because I would have fallen apart had they not.
  • That we are fortunate enough to be able to spend all this quality time with Claire.  That DP could stay home with her and that I can adjust my work schedule on a whim. 
  • Her daycare teachers!  We love them, she loves them, and they love her.  She has really thrived these past few months.
  • An early walker.  My little athlete.
  • All the kids.  A house full of laughter, hoodies and shoes strewn about, and candy sprinkles in literally every nook and cranny of my kitchen, have made our house a home.
  • Dale.  Because having a husband has been worth it.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


We took Claire to the Flamingo to see the flamingos.  She was totally unimpressed.

I never noticed it before DP pointed it out, but we get lot of questionable looks when pushing a baby stroller down Las Vegas Boulevard or through a casino.  Some were down right dirty!  And I know I don't have to defend our choice to take the baby to the strip, but we have always gone there pretty regularly even though we're locals, so why should that change just because we have an under-age kid with us?  There are plenty of things to do there besides gamble, drink, and smoke indoors.  Ok well not plenty, but there are cool things that you can't find in other parts of the country, and I like being able to take full advantage of the fact that we live in a pretty cool city.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fun Monday

So the kids gave Mondays a name, and they have REALLY high expectations.  Like you have a "snow day" or make some cake balls, and these kids want every Monday to be something spectacular.  I've created a monster!

So I had them over for a BBQ.  It wasn't the best Fun Monday we've had, but I think sometimes they need to just play and enjoy each other's company.  Of course they had a blast.  And they all ate some veggies, so it was spectacular from my point of view. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Time Flies

I lost track of how many GOTR races we've put on since starting the program back in 2011.  But I do know that this was the fourth one Claire got to come to, including the one I ran when I was 6 months pregnant with her.  Memories...

Mother's Day (Spring) 2012

Fall 2012

Mother's Day (Spring) 2013

Fall 2013

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gigi's First 5K

I coached my own team this year, of 7 girls including Gigi.  And this was the day they worked all season for.  They were nervous, it was pretty cute.  Gigi had a scowl on her face for probably the whole first mile, then finally she loosened up and wouldn't you know it, ended up running the whole way!  I was proud of her. 

Getting her hair sprayed before the race.

3 of my girls at the start line.

The proudest Granny of them all!

My heart grew 3 sizes that day.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Everybody's Workin For the Weekend

I decided to go back to a 5-day a week work schedule.  The 4 days that I work now are just SO LONG and with it being winter, I feel like I don't ever see sunlight those days.  Plus they make a really long day for Claire, she cries for her bed as soon as we walk in the door, poor thing.  I'm tired too, and barely functional on evenings as well.  The only thing holding me back from going to 5 days before now was that I loved having Mondays off.  So I just bit the bullet and decided to add Saturday.

So it's Saturday and I'm going to work.  But hey, it's Vegas, so lots of people are. 

Friday, November 22, 2013


Growing up, I had an obsessive fascination with John F. Kennedy.  (I was a strange kid.)  And most people don't know this, but it was my primary reason for applying for college at TCU.  I had always dreamed of living in Ft. Worth someday, and I got to for a year.  Now that I think about it, that tells me I was more interested in his death than his life.  Like why didn't I aspire to live in Hyannis Port?!  Or hell, even Boston?

Anyway, so out of my interest I developed a love for Jackie O.  I was thrilled to get this vintage-Chanel inspired skirt suit for Claire. 

Well today is the 50-year anniversary of the assassination of JFK.  It's bizarre to me, having watched all the movies and TV specials in the past few weeks of the accounts of that day.  Especially when people recall where they were when they heard the news.  And now that news literally happens in real time, you can follow major events from beginning to end.  I remember watching OJ's white Bronco in its low-speed chase following the murder of Nicole Simpson.  And I vividly remember when they wheeled an un-conscious Michael Jackson out on a stretcher, when his family showed up at the hospital, and when he was pronounced dead.  So I can't imagine having been going on about your day, only to have all the radio and TV stations interrupted to bring news that your president was assassinated. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Friendship Feast

This morning Claire peed on one of my bathroom mats, then pooed in the shower.  It's funny how bodily fluids aren't as gross when they came from your kid.  She's like a puppy.

They are having a Thanksgiving potluck at school today.  Well I love any excuse to dress my kid up to fit a theme.  She looked adorable in her jumper so I immediately forgave her for making an abomination of my bathroom. 

We signed up for green beans, which I never make because gross, so I didn't know how to prepare them for the babies.  I opened two cans, tossed the beans in some soy sauce, and called it a day.  DP seemed to like it so I hope the kids do too.

This is how we feel about green beans.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


We had the kids again last night, and since I had organized my baking shelf and knew exactly what I had for a change, I thought we could do some holiday treat making.  Like cake pops!

DP had picked them up from school, and I instructed him to make them do their homework so we could have fun when I got home.  It was a Rebel game night so I sent him on his way and the 3 kids and I went to the grocery store for milk, eggs, frosting, and wooden sticks.  We went up and down every aisle looking for damn cake pop sticks, to no avail.  Well the kids were completely heartbroken, I guess they thought we couldn't make cake pops anymore since we didn't have sticks (which was pretty cute, their sad faces) until I told them we don't have to use sticks, they could just be cake balls.  They got a big kick out of that, since Aunty said balls.

Of course we get home, realize I forgot milk, to find out the kids haven't done their homework.  So I put the baby down with half a bottle of milk (the poor thing was so exhausted that she didn't care though, it was 6:15 and well past her bedtime) and quickly mixed the cake and put it in the oven, while the kids did their homework. 

After the cake was baked and then cooled, I showed them how to smash it up and mix it with frosting, then form them into "meatballs".  They thought this was hilarious since we used red velvet cake and they looked like actual meatballs.  I had melted the candy coating and set out all the sprinkles I had collected over the year so they could dunk their balls and then decorate them.

Well they just thought this was the best thing ever!  I got a million hugs (with cakey hands) and even a "you're the best Aunty in the whole world" while they worked on their balls.  We probably used 8 different bowls and all kinds of utensils.  There were sprinkles everywhere.  But I totally let them do everything and just kept the area neat and clean, washing dishes as we went along.  The finished product was horribly sweet and I think they ate 2 each, which was plenty.  I had a half of one and got a tooth ache.  But man, they had a blast.  (Again, I'm bummed I didn't get pictures of the process, but the finished product looks pretty cool.)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Family Weekend

The library is closed on Mondays so I have that day off.  And when there is a holiday that falls on a Monday, like Veteran's Day, I can elect to take my holiday any day of that same week.  So I worked Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of last week, then had Friday-Monday off.  It was glorious.

So glorious was it to have all that time, that I cleaned out and organized my baking shelf in the pantry.  I was a tad horrified that it took up a whole shelf, but now it's neat and tidy, and ready for the holidays.  I was still in holiday mode when we went over to my in-laws for a backyard fire after the Thursday night football game, even though it was 70 degrees and we were all in short-sleeve shirts.

I had family come into town, and was thrilled for Claire to get to spend some time with my grandmother and aunties.  They stayed at the South Point and Claire loved riding the elevator and running down the halls.  And having breakfast there every day.

Monday was my last day off and we had the kids, so after practice ended at 5:30, I rushed them through dinner at my house and raced over to Town Square.  I only told them I was taking them for a surprise, but that we had to be there for 7pm.  We parked the car at 6:55, and the picture of me running through the outdoor mall carrying a baby, with 3 kids running after me screaming about how stupid this "surprise" was, was priceless. We arrived at the center park with a minute to spare, so I made the kids take a picture in front of the giant Christmas tree.

Then it started to snow...

The kids were in crazy mode.  The look on their 3 little faces after the announcement came on that it was going to "snow" was so special.

I wish I could have gotten better pictures, but you know memories are made from being a part of things rather than just photographing them.  It's not my preference (I'd rather have the pictures) but when you have 4 kids running in all different directions and screaming their heads off, you have to pay close attention.