Thursday, June 27, 2013

First World Problems

Claire cried when I dropped her at daycare every single day this week.  I mean like giant, crocodile tears.  She obviously got used to the good life, poor thing.  She got spoiled hanging out with me for 10 days straight and then I just drop her off and leave her at school.  Where there is no sand.  The travesty. 

And here is a Bonus BOOTD from yesterday and today, I had to make sure to snap pictures before she turned on the waterworks.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mission Beach

We spent 2 days at Mission Beach, one doing activities that included Dale digging a hole in the sand and putting my baby in it, and the other at the carnival Belmont Park.

The kids loved having their dads there for the 2 days they could spend with us.


San Diego Zoo

(In Pictures...)



We ended the 4-hour zoo trip with a relaxing swim in the pool and a Chinese dinner.

Coronado Island

My dad took the kids and me over the bridge to Coronado.  I had never been there before, it's gorgeous!  We rented a giant bike and I peddled the two kids for about a 45 minute ride around the island. 

The Bridge to Terabithia
Working those leg muscles.


Then we hung out at the beach for the rest of the day.  Notice all the kids in their Fourth of July outfits?  Also, Claire ate the sand approximately one time before realizing that sand was just not meant to be eaten.


We met up with my mom for dinner and went to Casa De Reyes.  My dad ordered a pitcher of Margaritas and I don't think they know what a pitcher is.  But oh well, it served it's purpose.

San Diego

Some notable points from our vacation...
  • I have never listened to so much Disney Radio or watched so much Disney Channel in my whole entire life.  (Can't wait for our trip to Disney in August.)
  • Gigi and Ramses can subsist for 5 days on nothing but cereal, jalapeno chips, hot dogs, popsicles, and hot Cheetos.
  • Brown people can still get sunburns.  Thanks Obama!
  • Sand gets everywhere. There was sand in my pullout bed.  And now there is sand in my house.  How is this possible?  Like Gigi said, "There is sand in places where there should be no sand."  To which Ramses replied, "Now I know why they call it Sand Diego!" 
  • You really CAN be too tired to drink.  I always wondered how there were parents out in the world who don't booze it up.  But now I know.  Lights out at 8pm was not just for the kids.
  • My baby is perfect.  She never complained, fussed, or got cranky - even when I kept her out at the beach for a whole day or in her stroller at the zoo for 4 hours. 
  • Dale and Rishi surprised us for a few days, and boy did the kids enjoy that.  I'll never forget the two kids' faces when we told them their dad was here or Claire's face when she recognized her dad in the lobby of the hotel.  Daddies are awesome.
  • My dad (and mom) are awesome as well.  The level of organization and planning, and amount of snacks/drinks that stocked our hotel room, were so key in pulling this thing off without a hitch.  Imagine a grandpa and a new mom out with 2 kids and a baby for 5 days in a different city.  By the end of the last day, my dad was done with all of us, but I believe he thinks it was worth it.

Road Trip

Here's a snippet of what I went through on the drive down to SD...
But for the most part though, it was fine.  We all had naps and even though Ramses asked me every 10-20 minutes how long it was until we got there, I didn't even care.
We drove straight to the beach so the kids could see what our week was going to be like, then hit the hotel for an adult happy hour and good night's rest.

Beach hair is awesome, yo.