Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Claire has a bunch of socks with grips on the bottom.  I guess they are for when she starts walking or, at the very least, for traction when she's in her walker.  We put her in them all the time because they stretch up to her knees.

Well the other day my nephew was playing with Claire when all of a sudden he's yelling for me.  "Aunty!  AUNTY!" 

Of course I come running and Ramses is holding her feet.  He slowly turns to look at me, wide-eyed, and whispers...

"Claire can climb walls."

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oh Dale-y

I went for a walk yesterday.  Put a tracksuit on the baby and strapped her in the stroller for the 3-mile trek to Starbucks and back.  It was really, really hard.  For me.  Claire did ok. 

When I got back, I had a couple of packages on my stoop.  Some stuff I ordered for Claire's first birthday party in August (yeah, I plan ahead) and some stuff I had ordered for Adley.  I tried to order off my cousins' registry but it was a mess between the CDN and US sites where my account and shipping was concerned.  So I had to see what I wanted off the registry, then check if they had it locally, then let my cousin know to take it off their registry because I will be gettting it shipped to my house and will ship it to them myself.  I also ordered a little surprise that wasn't on the registry - some letters for Adley's room that are the same as Claire has.  Dale was "helping" me open all the boxes (AKA being nosy) and he asked, "Did you get these for me?"  He was dead serious too.  I had no idea what he meant until I went to see what he was talking about...

For Adley, not Daley.

How it looks on the wall in Claire's room.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Cici's Pizza is The Bomb

Before I got pregnant, you would never in a million years find me at my niece's birthday parties or at Chuck E. Cheese.  I would roll my eyes when I heard babies crying in the library.  Charming right?

These days, it's not uncommon to find me at Cici's on a Friday night .  The have MAC AND CHEESE PIZZA.  And a pretty decent salad bar.  The kids had a blast piddling away quarters in their machines while Claire and I sat there and watched them.  Like my grandpa used to do when he took my cousins and I to play at McDonald's. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Peas Please

I had been giving Claire bites of stuff since she turned 4 months old.  Rice, banana, avocado, and mashed potatoes mostly.  She did very well with it all.  So I decided it was time to take things to the next level, and I made her some peas.  Just heated it up in a pan and blended with water to make a puree.  Super easy.  I even have little baby food jars that came with my Baby Bullet to store enough for the week and freeze some for later.
And what do you know, Claire ended up wearing more of it than she ate!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Birthday

I'm 32.  No biggie.  It's inevitable, I can't really get worked up about how bad my birthday sucks anymore.  Pretty much a lost cause. 

So here are some recent pictures of my kid.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Spiderman Kisses

Every morning, Claire and I get up together, and she hangs out (literally!) in her jumper in the bathroom while I shower and get ready.  She swings around and talks and slowly wakes up.  Most mornings, I give her a bath as well, and put her in clean pajamas before going downstairs.  I make coffee and a fresh bottle.  Claire watches SportsCenter.  Then we go back upstairs and I lay her down for a nap with her dad.  It's hard for me to leave the house when I wish I could get back in bed for some cuddles.

Anyway, back to her jumper. 
This morning, I came out of the shower to find her like this...

She was spinning in circles, practically upside down, with that look on her face. 

You guys, I COULD NOT stop laughing.  Look at her face!  She's so serious! 

(Of course before taking her out, I seized the opportunity for some Spiderman Kisses.)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Who's Got it Better Than Us?

No, seriously. 
We all know I'm a 49ers fan. 

Well here's the thing.
To me, it's not just about rooting for the Niners.
It's in my blood

I was a Niners fan before I was anything else. 
Like how I'm Catholic or a daughter.

And now we're going to the Super Bowl. 

You know what's funny?  The football season after I was born, the 49ers went to (and won) their first of five Super Bowls.  Since this is the season after Claire was born, I'm excited to pass along this birthright.

I know she might grow up and root for the Packers or the Ravens or not even like football.  But for now, I can give her something that has meant so much to me over the years, has bonded me with my dad in a priceless way, and has helped shape my expectations and standards in life.  Only a true Niner fan would know what that means. 

This is Me

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Date Night

Monday was our one-year wedding anniversary.  And what a year it's been!

So we got all dolled up and went out to dinner.  The 3 of us.  I wore my wedding dress because seriously, I've been dying for an excuse to wear it but it's not like you can "winterize" a wedding dress with stockings and boots. 

Although if it's good enough for royalty, it should be good enough for me right?

A year ago - our wedding
Pippa Middleton

My grandmother had bought it for me for Christmas, and the H&M dress was the perfect elopement dress when we decided to run off and get hitched. Even The Internet thinks so.

Claire has a matching dress so I put it on her and then she thought she was the shiz. 

(It's the same one in her 5 month pictures in case you want to see it without the cardi.)

Anyway, we went out for Italian...blah, blah, blah...the only important part of then night is our matching dresses.  Oh yeah, and I bought DP some really delicious candy and we ate it all when we got home.  The end.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My New Niece

I'm so blessed you guys, to have a new baby niece!  Adley Emma was born today, 4 days overdue (her poor mom!) weighing 6 pounds, 14 ounces and measuring at 19 inches.

I have been borderline obsessed with this baby since finding out my cousins were expecting, and especially since finding out she was going to be a girl.  I have even been telling people that I was more excited about this labour than my own (which is totally easy to say because there were so many more and different emotions when it was my baby).  My cousin called me at work, and I started crying at my desk, which was a little unexpected.  I really didn't think I could feel emotion like that about somebody else, but you know motherhood kind of makes you a sympathizer.

Anyway, I am over-the-moon happy that Claire is going to have a cousin her own age.  I loved growing up with cousins and Adley is only 5 months younger.  It's funny how they are connected already, it seems.  They were both born 4 days after their due dates and weighed/measured the same at birth.  Claire added to our family tradition of the cousins on my mom's side having birthdays on the 3rd or 23rd of the month, being born on the third.  Adley added to the tradition on her dad's side, where everyone has birthdays ending in 5, being born on January 15th.

I just love her so much already and can't wait to watch her grow up.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Spa Day

Having a daughter is so much fun, because we get to do stuff like this...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Claire's "I Love You"

Since I had been taking care of Claire by myself for the 3-4 days she was sick, and not getting any sleep, I sent Claire and her dad off to sleep at his mom's house on Tuesday night. I came home from work, took my time making dinner, had a glass of wine, and went to bed at 9pm. I got a whole eight hours of uninterrupeted sleep for the first time since we brought Claire home from the hospital. I guess I did need it, because I actually woke up in the same position I laid down in and the covers hadn't even shifted! I just carefully slid out of bed and didn't have to make it up.  I missed her, but I kept telling myself, "Happy mom, happy baby."  It was for both our benefit.

When I came home from work yesterday though, Claire was SO happy to see me. She actually reached her arms out, which she'd never done before, so I could pick her up.  Usually when I carry her, she looks around and tries to get at stuff.  But this time she just looked at me, studying my face.  She smiled, then leaned her forehead onto mine.  I could just feel the love she was trying to express.  She leaned back and looked at my face, touching my cheeks, then she smiled and leaned her forehead into me again.  She did this a couple of times and just held me tight.  I figured this was her way of hugging and kissing me.

You guys, this is what people are talking about when they say that you can't imagine the love between a mummy & baby.  It's irreplaceable, it's out of this world special.  I could have cried.  Ok, I did kind of tear up a bit.

When I think of how much Claire and I love each other, I can't help but think of my own mother.  Did she love me like this?  Did I love her like this?  Were we really just the greatest thing to ever happen to each other?  All of these answers are YES but it's like I didn't know it until this very moment.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Shots Shots Shots-Shots-Shots-Shots Everybody!

Claire had her 4 month immunizations a week ago, and that poor baby screamed and cried and I just felt so bad for her.  This was the second set and even though I knew what to expect, it still hurt my feelings.  And hurt my little babies legs.

She was clingy all day, developed a fever, and had periods of crying for no reason.  On top of that, Dale came down with what turned out to be the flu AND bronchitis, so he went to his mom's to contain the germs.

A couple days later, Claire came down with a slight cold.  It didn't really inhibit her except for the fact that she couldn't breathe.  Her nose was so stuffed up, especially at night when it just dried up crusty, and she couldn't drink out of her bottle properly.  She would drink and cry when she felt like she was suffocating.  My poor little girl.

I was putting a baby rub on her chest and back (and neck and face) to help clear up her sinuses and the smell was soothing.  I didn't want to give her medicine because it made her groggy and listless.  And cranky.  But I would have if I felt like the rub wasn't working well enough.  And I dressed her in sleepers only, to keep her warm and cozy.

She's feeling better now, thank goodness, and so is DP.  For the game this weekend, since the Niners weren't playing, I dressed her in a little Packers outfit for her dad's sake.  The same dress that she used to be swimming in, is now a tad snug.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Five Months

On mornings, I set Claire in her swing in front of SportsCenter while I make my coffee.  She just watches tv and waits for me.  She's become so sweet and loving.  My heart melts when she "calls" out to me, hugs me, or rests her head on my shoulder.  Every day she does something new that amazes me.

I thought I would miss my tiny baby as she grew up.  Sometimes I look back at pictures and think about how fragile she was, how careful we had to be.  Claire at 5 months is so much more fun than that ever was.