Wednesday, February 29, 2012

These Are My Confessions

The things I probably shouldn't be saying out loud...
  • I was pretty good about watching what I ate during the first trimester, but all that has gone out the window.  I am back to eating sushi, drinking coffee, and eating hot dogs.  Some things I would just rather indulge in then make myself crazy worrying about what would happen if I slip up.
  • I love wearing tight clothes.  It seems like pregnant ladies are always in flowy tops and maxi dresses - well not me!  I love showing off my body like a badge of honour.  Plus I'm too cheap to buy maternity.
  • I've become a hugger.  And a crier.  And I love everyone.
  • I don't want my baby to come out.  I enjoy having him in there, always hanging out with me.  I hate to think of what will happen when I have to go back to work after he's born or when he goes away to college.
  • I'm surprised at how unhealthy I am, considering how health-conscious I was.
  • We are planning to send our son to a Christian school despite the bigotry and proselytizing I've seen on their website and FB page.  Hopefully we do a well-enough job of instilling our own values and beliefs in him so he doesn't get brainwashed in pre-school.
  • I'm totally missing my extended family.  I've said it before, but you never truly realize how much they love you until you give them a baby.  I'm happier than I've ever been and I really want to share it with the people who will love this baby the most.
  • I have a hard time getting worked up about my eczema, my new freckles, the excessive hair and sweating.  I really just don't care.
  • I'm scared that my relationship with my niece is going to change, and that makes me really sad.  Like, eyes filling up with tears sad.
  • My husband is a Judgy McJudgerson when it comes to other parents.
  • I get excited thinking about all the things that Dale and I used to do, when I think about us doing them with our kid.  Like going to basketball games, eating out, driving to the beach, going to the sports book.  (Just kidding.)  I guess this isn't really a confession, just more surprising because I thought I would be freaking out about how different our lives will be.
  • I have Michael Jackson art for the nursery that I've collected over the years.  Yeah, from when I didn't even want kids.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What's In a Name (cont'd)

In case you didn't read my reasoning behind not wanting to change my last name after getting married, you can read it here.

Well now you'll be surprised to know I went ahead and changed it anyway.  It was important to Dale and I finally began to understand why.  We are the only Grinstead Family he knows, and that needs to mean something to me and our son.

I kept my maiden name too though, so now I have a REALLY LONG last name.  It's two words, no hyphen.  It won't be listed with the rest of my family on alphabetical lists, but I'm ok with that.  And I figure at some point I'll start just going my my husband's last name socially, and I'm ok with that too.

Monday, February 27, 2012

18 Weeks

Baby is the size of a sweet potato.

Weight: 127 - total gain of 2 lbs.

Belly: Looks huge to me, I can't believe I'm not even half-way.

Cravings: Coke damnit.

Aversions: Nothing.

Exercise: 2.5 mile runs on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Doctor's Appointments: No checkups/blood tests for another month.

Symptoms: Eczema on my hands and legs.

Best Moments: My husband's sheer joy over getting a son.

What I Miss: Ugh, having disposable income.

Lent Update: I did everything on my list, but started getting suspicious when Dale was asking me to do random stuff for him and then smirking when I hestitated before saying I would.  It took me about 2 hours to realize he reads my blog.

18 weeks

Friday, February 24, 2012

My Pregnancy Diet

My doctors said everything was fine as far as my weight gain (or lack there of) had been.  Since people have been asking, here's what I typically eat on a regular weekday.

Breakfast: Cereal with milk or a fried egg and a slice of toast.
Morning Snack: 2-3 fruits - usually an apple, banana & clementine.
Lunch: A frozen microwavable entree.
Afternoon Snack: Yogurt, carrot & celery sticks, and either cookies or chips.
Dinner: Some sort of balanced (carb:protein) meal.

I guess looking at that written down, it doesn't look like much.  I can say I really do eat a lot though most of it comes in the form of actual meal size.  Plus, my husband is the fast food king so it's not uncommon for us to eat out 5-6 meals on the weekend.  When we do that I try to have healthier options, although I don't know how much healthier a grilled chicken burrito is to anything else at Del Taco.  Especially if I'm eating 3 of them.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dale Paul Grinstead, III

Our son will be named after my husband who was named after his father.  I was resistant at first, but it's pretty much the only thing that Dale has felt strongly about since before we even got pregnant, so I knew it was non-negotiable.

Another interesting little tidbit is that my son was conceived in Hawaii, my husband was born in Hawaii, and Dale's father lives in Hawaii.  It's almost karmic that the first time we went there on vacation, I ended up pregnant.  Hawaiian mythology and folklore have some strange stuff associated with their homeland, who am I to mess with that?  So if my son is meant to be named along this line of pseudo-Hawaiians, I'm just going to go along with it.

The goddess of fertility (thanks a lot)
and protector of pregnant women
The Hero

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday

Usually I give up the sauce for Lent.  It's my one major vice and truly the biggest sacrifice.  Plus, giving up liquor has such a positive effect on my body. I'll never forget the year I gave it up when I was drinking Smirnoff Ice exclusively and immediately shed 7 pounds.  It actually encouraged me to switch from Smirnoff Ice to Patron.  Better liquor and less calories?  Yes please.

Anyway, so this year I'm obviously not giving up liquor since I was pregnant before Lent started and will still be pregnant after Lent is over.  It doesn't count.  So instead, I've compiled a list of Lenten sacrifices that I will make.

  • I will attend mass every Sunday.
  • I will run no less than 10 miles a week.
  • I will make a weekly charitable donation.
  • I will not shop at Victoria's Secret, even for other people.
  • I will not say "no" to my husband.  (Get your mind out of the gutter!)  Getting married and moving in together after we hit our thirties has been harder than it would have been had we been younger.  It seems the opposite is true, but Dale and I were so set in our ways.  So when he asks me to do something or get something or help him with something, my first instict is to say no.  During Lent I'm going to start responding with yes, and I really think it will help to strengthen our marriage and head us in the right direction as far as being more attentive, loving, and spiritual.  Especially when so much of our marriage is already centred around the baby.
  • I will not openly criticize and name-call Republicans (or right-wingers, war-mongers, bible-thumpers, homophobes, racists, or those who support the oppression of women's rights.)  Starting now.

Why do I get the feeling this is going to be harder than just giving up booze?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's a Boy!

I had a sonogram yesterday, which only confirmed what everyone else already knew.  We are having a boy.  I am having a son.  Dale is having a junior.  (Actually our baby will be a III but it's all semantics.)

We had my parents meet us there and Dale and I went in first so we could find out together.  I hopped up on the table and Dale paced the room.  At first the ultrasound tech couldn't see anything because the baby had his legs straight.  What we did see, was a little dude moving his arms (probably fist pumping like his dad) and he seemed to be laughing.  Ok well you couldn't see all that but that's how I remember it.  Anyway, so the tech said that she was sure it was a girl and she was trying to get a good picture of proof.  Both of us were speechless and I was a little nervous to make eye-contact with my husband, who wanted a son so bad, that the disappointment would be overwhelming.  Thank goodness we never had to deal with that because after we kept her searching for about 20 minutes, she saw the boy part!  (Cue obnoxious jokes about his size/how he takes after his father.)

It's like Where's Waldo's Wiener up in there.

While I was still on the table, Dale retreived my parents from the waiting room.  They were a little aprehensive, I could tell, but they're not dinosaurs so I assume they expected there would be a greater level of technological advancement since 1980.  They were suprised by the big screen tv that my uterus was projected on, but who wouldn't be?!

Yeah, I don't know what that is either.

We saw the baby's head, arms, round tummy, legs, and feet.  The tech was really cool about showing all the moving parts.  We listened to his heartbeat and laughed at his hiccups.  He's really very cute.  It all just seems more real now that I know who's in there.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

17 Weeks

Baby is the size of an onion.

Weight: 125 lbs.  I lost a pound this week and am at my pre-pregnancy weight.  This baby is stealing all my food!

Belly: Rounded out, firm, small, and high.

Cravings: Milk and red meat.

Aversions: Spaghetti sauce, since I puked it up on Tuesday night.

Exercise: 2.5 mile runs on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday - 7.5 total miles.

Doctor's Appointments: I have an appointment tomorrow for the Down's Syndrome bloodwork and an ultrasound to determine the gender, so very soon everyone will know if we're having a boy or a girl.  I also plan to consult my doctor about my pregnancy weight.  According to the Google, I should have gained 5-10 pounds during the first trimester, and 1 additional pound a week since.  I'm 4 weeks into my second trimester and as of today, am the same exact weight as I was before getting pregnant.

Symptoms: A dark line going down my stomach and excessive sweating.

Best Moments: Dale bought the baby a green "Daddy's little guy" onesie for St. Patrick's Day (even though the baby isn't due until July) and promply lost it.  I told him this is a sign and that the baby is going to be a girl.  Also, I dreamt her name.

What I Miss: HD and DirecTV.

17 weeks

Thursday, February 16, 2012

This Jogging Business

I've been jogging around my neighbourhood.  I say that instead of running because it doesn't really feel like I'm doing much as far as energy exertion.  When I come home, I just air out my running clothes to wear the next time.  I know you think that's gross, but running clothes lose elasticity over many washes so technically, I'm preserving them. 

Plus I don't even sweat. 

I know what you're thinking - what's the point?  The point is that I miss it.  I miss the days when I would take a hot shower after a long run and be fresh, clean, and sore as hell.  I miss eating Moons Over My Hammy as a snack and not seeing it in my back fat the next day.  I miss being in the start line at races, listening to the National Anthem, trying to keep my legs moving.  I miss being lean and strong and tight.  Don't get me wrong, this baby thing is fun and rewarding, but sometimes I feel like a spoiled only-child having to share this body.

Baby (runner) on board!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

February 14th has always been special to us - it's the anniversary of our first date.  Ten years ago Dale picked me up and took me for dinner at P.F. Chang's at the Aladdin, where we got a private corner booth, and then went to a keg party.  Hey, we were in college.

This Valentine's Day is also the one-month anniversary of our marriage.

I'm used to getting bears, mini trees, or those pre-filled baskets they sell on the side of the road.  So this year I told Dale not to get me any crap, that we could just gift each other the fancy entertainment center we both want.

But then I woke up to this...

Some sexy tulips

But then I came home to this...

Entertainment Center



These are stock photos since nothing is up yet, but I was pleasantly surprised to see all the pieces of living room furniture strewn about my house nonetheless.  I had been in love with this entertainment center since the moment I laid eyes on it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our First Dinner

Since we moved into our house, we've been eating a lot of fast food and takeout.  We just haven't had the time or the means to make a meal.  So one day last week, the pots I ordered were delivered, and we went out and bought groceries and stuff to make our own food.  I could finally make myself an easy over egg. 

My pots & pans.

Dale and I talked about how we'd handle dinners during the week.  He eats a lot of fast food, almost every meal, so we decided that I would cook dinner two nights a week and he would cook dinner one night a week, the rest of the week we would eat leftovers or fend for ourselves.  So we started on Sunday, we made a menu and Dale decided he wanted beef curry.  Um, what?

So of course, I called my dad.  He had conveniently already taken some beef out of the freezer that he decided not to use, so told me I could come pick it up and some curry powder.  So I cut up the beef, Dale peeled the potatoes, and we made beef curry.  It was a tad bland, but I think I was scared of over-seasoning.  It still tasted like curry so it wasn't bad for my first try.  And we made sure to open all the windows so that our neighbours could know exactly who had moved in.

Beef curry y'all.

Monday, February 13, 2012

16 Weeks

Baby is the size of an avocado.

Weight: Finally got my scale!  126 lbs.  (Still only a gain of 1 so far.)

Belly: Obvious in clothes and getting bigger.

Cravings: None.

Aversions: None.

Exercise: 2.5 mile runs on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - 7.5 total miles for the week.

Doctor's Appointments: My next appointment is in ONE week for the Down's Syndrome bloodwork and an ultrasound to determine the gender. I am starting to get nervous about finding out if we are having a boy or a girl.  I'm not sure why though.

Symptoms: Body hair (and a weird line going down my stomach).

Best Moments: Getting used to being a family with my husband and hanging out together in the evenings, going to Rebel games again, and when I notice my belly out of the corner of my eye (although I usually notice it because I've smacked it on a doorway or file cabinet).

What I Miss: My mom and dad.

16 weeks

Friday, February 10, 2012


While I'm still in regular clothes, I thought I'd share how hilarious I look.  Sorry they're so dark, but there are no lights in any of the rooms of my house.  The nursery is the brightest room because there are two windows.  So here are my (Maternity) Outfits of the Day...

Monday: coral T - F21,
white tank - VS Pink, jeans - Lucky
Tuesday: black & white striped T -
Ann Taylor LOFT, jeans - F21

Wednesday: green T - VS Pink,
yellow T - F21, jeans - Pac Sun
Thursday: grey sweater - H&M,
white tank - VS Pink, grey skirt - VS

Friday (AKA Rebel Red Day):
red T - Champion, jeans - F21

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My (Victoria's) Secret Addiction

The other day my niece asked me, "How come everything you have has a little dog on it and says LOVE PINK?"  She's very observant, that one.  Gigi loves coming to Victoria's Secret with me because she gets lip gloss or stuffed dogs.  And she loves hanging out in my closet, looking at the rainbow of colours I have hanging up in there.

A handful of the shirts I have moved so far.

My husband, on the other hand, is not such a fan.  Before we got pregnant, I had been collecting stuff for when I move out of my parent's house into a condo on the strip.  By myself.  My bachelorette pad, as I like to call it.  So when we moved into our house together instead, I had all this cute (but girly) stuff in boxes that I was just dying to use.  The result is my poor husband sleeping in a bed with hot pink sheets, zebra print pillowcases, and a black satin bedspread.

Where the magic happens.

In return, I never bitch at him about not making the bed.  I think that's pretty nice of me.  I enjoy smoothing out my sheets and getting it ready for my sleep time.  And since we don't have a tv yet, I've been laying in bed most evenings, watching shows on my laptop.  It's like luxury people.  I just wanna throw my rollies in the sky and wave 'em side to side.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Second Tri Update

I'm in my second trimester now, and I feel like I've gotten a second wind.  I'm still a bit tired come evening time, but other than that, I feel seriously fabulous.

I've been running jogging in my new neighbourhood, which (unlike anywhere else I've ever lived) is overrun with kids, and it doesn't even bug me.  Since being pregnant, I feel like kids haven't been as annoying as they previously were.  And I'm even starting to find some babies rather cute.

I'm loving my new house, and even though Dale having reduced hours used to stress me out, I enjoy having my husbad at home in the evenings.  My new commute to/from work is 25-30 minutes, but I'm really enjoying the drive.  Things are starting to come together.

This weekend we'll be buying paint and will be starting to touch up things around the house. My first project will be the downstairs powder room followed by the nursery and my office. Dale is going to do all the painting needed, then work on the front yard. He has fabulous ideas and of course my dad is thrilled with the notion of a yardwork buddy.

I don't have a scale but it's been ordered.  I may or may not be using this time where I don't know how much I weigh to pretty much eat like a frat boy.  In n Out, DQ Blizzard, Carl's Jr. - and that was just yesterday!  I bet I'm in for a shock when my scale arrives and I step on that bad boy.  On second thought, maybe my husband being home in the evenings ISN'T such a good idea.  For my waistline anyway.

On top of all that, Girls on the Run of Las Vegas is starting it's second season and we are really getting out into the community to promote it.  We are having tables set up at our two Boys & Girls Clubs locations and I'm manning a table at a Roller Derby bout this week.

All in all, some days are rough but most are great.  I'm in a really exciting place right now and I'm so happy for all the blessings I've been awarded.  Everything really fell into place with how this pregnancy came about, our perfect wedding, and having this house practically fall into our lap.  Maybe it's the hormones talking, but I'm just really grateful.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Is There Any More Room For Me In Those Jeans?

No, there isn't.  My favourite jeans - in fact, even Dale's favourite pair of jeans on me - are too tight.  I squeezed into them yesterday but by the end of the day, had gross indentations in my skin from the waistband.

I don't want to give them up though, I'm only 15 weeks along!

Monday, February 6, 2012

15 weeks

Baby is the size of a navel orange.

Weight: I don't have a scale yet so I can't say exactly.

Belly: It's starts out small and gets bigger as they day goes on.

Cravings: Not a whole lot.

Aversions: Nothing.

Exercise:  2.5 mile runs on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday - 7.5 total miles for the week.  I don't even break a sweat and it feels like a total waste, but I'm still nervous to push it.

Doctor's Appointments: My next appointment is in 2 weeks for the Down's Syndrome bloodwork and an ultrasound to determine the gender.  I am most excited about this.

Symptoms: My stomach is a bit sore and my beard is outta control!

Best Moments: Finally having someone to do my laundry.

What I Miss: Wearing cute running clothes.

(sorry, no picture this week)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Glee Episode 311: Michael

I finally sat down and watched the only episode of the show I've ever seen.  My thoughts:
  1. I loved the music choices!  They did all my favourite songs - Wanna Be Starting Something, Bad, Scream, Never Can Say Goodbye, Human Nature, Smooth Criminal, I Just Can't Stop Loving You, Ben, and Black or White.  I only wish they could have done Man in the Mirror but I get that the episode needed to flow.
  2. The singing was awesome, I heard every single word of each song. As an MJ fan, I definitely appreciated the attention paid to making the songs their own without sacrificing the true nature of Michael Jackson or his music.  It was original and a true testament to his work.  My favourites were Artie & Mike Chang singing Scream and Sam & Mercedes singing Human Nature. I would probably spend actual dollars on an Artie album.
  3. Glee sucks.  Really bad.  It's like watching porn.  The dialogue and acting are shit, you only sit through it all waiting for the graphic sex musical numbers.
  4. It could have used more MJ.  I'm not talking about music or costuming, but rather, the man himself.  There is so much to Michael Jackson - his life, his quirks, his hobbies, his personality - and none of that was brought to light in the episode.  That bullshit WWMJD part about him fighting back wasn't even accurate.  He wouldn't have taken it to the streets or fought back with music.  And he definitely wouldn't have decided NOT to perform his music in order to make some dumb point to the opposing team.  He wouldn't have given a shit!  He did his thing no matter what and didn't care what anyone else said or did.
  5. The cellists f-ing rocked Smooth Criminal.
  6. The slushie in Blaine's face and subsequent rolling around on the ground while covering his face after being splashed, was curiously similar to the Michael Jackson Pepsi incident of 1984, and left me recoiling in horror.  Bad taste Glee.
  7. Lea Michelle is just as annoying as I thought she would be.
  8. The costuming was brilliant.  I can't say enough about the justice they did to Michael Jackson's music through the songs themselves, but the costumes just added so much more.  From Blaine's white jacket in the opening scene, to the costumes from his videos throughout the years in Wanna Be Starting Something, to Mike Chang's Scream outfit and makeup, to the character morphing in the Black or White portion, it was a real spectacle.
My overall rating of the show is a 7, which is probably not what Gleeks OR Michael Jackson fans would have given the episode.  But really, the best parts of the show came from Michael Jackson himself and were his ideas, songs, and wardrobe.  The actual singing from the actors is the only thing that brought this episode up from a regular tribute to an above-average one.  I enjoyed it though, and even watched it twice, back-to-back.  It made me simultaneously sad that my baby won't get the chance to experience and love MJ the way that I did, and that my kid will grow up watching shows like Glee.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Have a Lot of Clothes

Dale was rummaging around in my closet the other day because I haven't started to pack/move my clothes to our new house.  It's overwhelming because I will admit, I have a lot of clothes.  But in my defense, I hate doing laundry, so if I had someone to do all the laundry (which I will in our new house) then I won't need to have so many articles of clothing.  I don't know why this doesn't make sense to him.

Anyway, so he was holding up things on hangers and asking me the last time I wore it.  Um, hello? Just because I haven't worn it recently doesn't mean I won't wear it again.  What if I need my clubwear at some point in the future?  What if I can fit into that mini skirt I wore in high school someday?  He is so hard-headed!

So this week I'm making it a point to wear all the clothes I have hanging in my closet, because that way when he asks me why I brought my pink "Got Biscuits?" t-shirt to our new house, I can say, "Why not?  I still wear it."  And that's how I plan to settle this dispute.

Well in doing so, I wore a green t-shirt and a green/yellow lightweight jacket to work yesterday.  I looked fabulous if I may say so myself.  Then two people asked me if Brasil was playing and one idiot asked me if it was St. Patrick's Day.  To top it all off, I had forgotten there was a Rebel game that evening, so I show up late, walk into the Thomas & Mack and down a dozen rows to my seat, to look up and realize the opposing team has on green and yellow for their colours.  My plan is backfiring.

(11)Rebels win 82-63.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

There Was an Old Lady

So there was that one time my nail lady was going on and on about how I'm too young to be getting married, that I should just enjoy my life, and all the other clucking hens in the salon were nodding along in agreement with her, until of course I told her that I was 30.  She changed her tune really quick and now I'm the sideshow attraction at my salon.  I know I look young.  I enjoy looking young.  And since I got pregnant, I've been called everything from Teen Mom to Juno by my hilarious friends. 

But now I'm starting to appear older, and I'm finding that more of a challenge than I thought it would be.  I always was a tad "old" and my nickname in the family is Aunty, but I looked young and could still hang with the best of them.  Now I'm just a regular old pregnant married lady.  At work, at the gym, and at the nail salon.

And then to top it all off, I chose a very Golden Girls-esque colour at my last manicure.  What do you guys think?  Am I cutting edge?  Or am I channeling Rose Nyland?

Pregnant ladies are supposed to glow and be fresh-faced and youthful, and while I feel like a million bucks with this cute little belly, and my husband adores me (and the baby), I can't help but wonder if I'm just looking like a haggard old lady that's as big as a house. 

Are these real people?